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Cut your fuel losses

This is a powerful fuel loss recovery website designed specifically for the Forecourt Industry. The secure online tools permits the ‘Forecourt Retailer’ and the ‘Police’ to 24/7 access to repeat offenders. By using the direct link hubs with ‘Facewatch on line crime reporting’,

Make it easier for motorists to pay

Motorists who had ‘No Means of Payment’ can pay online by various 24/7 payment options, where once the payment is recieved, the full cost of the fuel is returned to the Fuel Retailer,

Save Time

What used to take hours of time, calling out the Police, waiting for them to arrive, providing statements and supplying evidence is now easy and simple to do by using the online tools.

Cut Crime

Forecourt Eye enables the Retailer and the Police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images online and within groups. The Police will no longer need to attend as the completed digital evidence package is online, allowing for CCTV, MG11 and statement uploading; all paperless and all pushed to the Police online.

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