Forecourt Eye is a Leeds based business formed in 2017 by a local entrepreneur with a wealth of expertise in debt recovery and retail executive with over 30 years experience. Our mantra is ‘We Act Like Owners’ meaning we behave and treat your losses as if they were our own.

Our expert team of Debt Recovery Specialist, Software Developers and Legal Practitioners come together as Forecourt Eye to provide the most powerful crime prevention and debt recovery service in the UK, specifically for the forecourt industry. That said, we’re constantly developing and improving our technology and service with the direct assistance and feedback from forecourt operators.

Our fully digital service is quick and simple to use while being very evidential based. We’ve integrated number plate identification, facial recognition, vehicle & site geo-location and legal documentation into our software. In utilising our technology and signage we aim to deter crime and remove the hassle incurred through fuel theft. Employee security and welfare is very important to us, so once you’ve reported an incident we manage everything remotely on your behalf, actively discouraging ‘confrontational individuals’ from returning back to site.

Forecourt Eye, the faster growing and most successful fuel debt recovery service in the UK.

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We employ the most sophisticated tracing system in the industry today to enable the whereabouts of absconding debtors. We recover debts from individuals who have genuinely forgotten their wallet or purse through to intentional fuel thieves treating each individual fairly and accordingly. We will pursue fuel thieves and repeat offenders through the court if necessary and all intentional Drive Off’s are reported to the police and stored on our data base for future record. Our average annual return on investment is 5:1 for every £1 spent with us.
Our tablet device enables operators to quickly capture and report NMOP’s and Drive Off’s. We’ve made it simple and included key features such as vehicle registration look-up and address verification along with an inbuilt digital camera to support accurate data and image capture. Using geo-location software the reported incident uses the site, vehicle and incident data to create a unique ID reference number, that the customer can quote to settle an outstanding debt. For NMOP’s the system generates an instant text sending it to the customers device with all the digital detail captures and an instant payment portal. For Drive Off’s we use the data to commence the debt recovery process. We report Repeat Offenders & False Plates to the Police for our operators.
We provide a full suite of management data accessible via a secure platform. Site operators can view their sites and track the progress of each incident or all incidents by specific time frames from daily to year to date. All incidents have a status code that enables operators to quickly view the status of their reported incident providing a transparent insight into how we are performing.
We pay collected funds back to operaters automatically every 7 days via our secure client account and all payment can be viewed with the unique ID number by each client.
Forecourt Eye has done little if any marketing since we formed. All our business has been advocacy driven by forecourt operators. We lead the industry in recovery rates attracting many new customers directly from our competitors. Our average annual return on investment is 5:1 for every £1 spent with us. Our system is completely digital and fully transparent to you so you can review our progress live and if you’re not satisfied you can cancel anytime. To-date no one has!



Now in the third year of our association with Forecourt Eye and we remain absolutely delighted with platform, firmly believing it to be the best available on the market. A big thank you to all of the Team at Forecourt Eye as not only are our recovery rates the best they have ever been but our incident rates are also down year on year. ➜ Lewis Trevellyan, Sectorsure, Director


We at Valli Forecourts have been working with Forecourt Eye for a number of years. During that time forecourt eye has provided us with an excellent service for recovering bad fuel debt. They have achieved some great results for us on an ongoing basis. Their system continually improves and we have noticed the debt recovered increases month on month. ➜ Farook Valli, Valli Forecourts, Director


Forecourt Eye is such a simple and effective service to use and takes all the hassle away from my forecourt team.  We have recovered over 70%  of all my fuel losses across 12 forecourts through Forecourt Eye’s fully managed debt recovery service.  Forecourt Eye are a great team to deal with and are providing the industry with a game changing managed service that recovers fuel losses while making the forecourt a safer environment for everyone. ➜ David Craven-Jones, Sewell On The Go


We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Forecourt Eye. It has allowed us to have recovered funds paid back consistently every seven days and to have full visibility of live payments as they happen within the Forecourt Eye portal. ➜ Karl Hall, Loss Prevention Advisor, COOP Central England


Forecourt Eye have been consistently recovering over 65% of incidents for us and paying 100% of the fuel back 7 days after they received it. I’ve used other services before and this is by far the best in the industry. ➜ Sanj Kular, SK Petroleum, Director


We signed up all our sites to Forecourt Eye. It’s simple and quick to capture the fuel and driver details on the app on the tablet. They also provide signage for all pumps and receipt pads which are free to replace if we need more. Very happy with their service. ➜ Naeem Ali, Alico Petroleum LTD