Cost-of-living crisis ‘could fuel increase in theft and domestic violence,’ says PSNI chief

The cost-of-living crisis is likely to lead to an increase in crimes such as theft and domestic violence, the PSNI’s Chief Constable has said. Simon Byrne also updated the Policing Board on the budgetary pressures facing the force and warned that funding shortfalls meant some areas of service level to the public would deteriorate. Mr […]

Forecourt Eye acknowledges vastly improved DVLA service after years of lobbying

Nick Fisher, founder and CEO of Forecourt Eye, acknowledges the vastly improved service accessing vehicle keeper details, following years of lobbying by a team led by the PRA. Credit where credit is due for the vastly improved process that has recently been introduced by the DVLA.  Forecourt Eye and the PRA have been lobbying for […]

Simon Lawrence impressed with Facewatch upgrade

Simon Lawrence, owner of Lawrence’s garages, upgraded to the new Facewatch system and over the last 2 months reports that the system’s new periocular algorithm is performing well. He said, Since Facewatch installed their new face mask system last November we have been impressed with the way it recognises people wearing masks and the new […]

Gareth Lewis – Southern COOP

This is our 4th year with Forecourt Eye protecting all our sites in the Southern COOP estate. There platform is easy to use and has delivered consistently positive results for us. Gareth Lewis – Southern COOP

Drive Off’s at all time High!

FORECOURT EYE has analysed Drive Off and NMOP incident data to compare the difference in activity between Jan 2021 & Jan 2020. More than 600 fuel stations contributed to this study and all data was captured at source digitally to ensure complete accuracy. January 21 saw a significant increase in Drive Off’s from 45% (2020) […]